Thursday, 15 April 2010


I can't believe it, not only do I have people following my blog but now there are 12 of you!! I'm honoured. Thank you so much following my blog, welcome to.....
Irene at The Tenement. My very first follower :) Irene's wonderful blog was one of the inspirations behind me starting my roombox. If you haven't seen Irene's Cloth Merchants Booth then go at check it out, it's really beautiful.
M Carmen at Mini Shabby. A lovely blog full of Shabby inspiration and amazing transformations.
Dales at Dales Dreams. Dales does amazing things with fabric and textiles.
Dangerous Mezzo at The Tudor/Medieval/Jacobean/Queen Anne Dollshouse Project. Another inspiration for starting my roombox. Their Tudor house is simply amazing and they have some wonderful tutorials.
Michelle at Michelle's Mad World. I love Michelle's Hogwarts especially the beautiful conservatory and her fabulous Witches house.
Karin at Mini Ramblings and Musings. A lovely blog that is really interesting - you will really want to keep up with it.
Kiva at Kivas Miniatures. Kiva makes the most amazing food. It is so realistic and things that you wouldn't come across in a normal shop, well worth a look!
Anthoula at A life in miniature. Anthoula is another wonderful food (and drink creator - check out her wine!) and is also starting to dabble with transforming dolls house furniture and making her own.
Sans at The Dollshouse Diaries. Sans has created the most fanastic Maharaja's palace and is now turning her hand at 'kit bashing' - turning a jr dolls house into a fabulous tribal house!
Sonia at MiniTink. A lovely blog, she is currently making the most amazing roses!
The Old Maid at The Sunny House 1:12 Miniatures. The old maid is currently is the process of building Professor Severus Snape's office from Harry Potter. It's looking really good and the walls are actually made from real toy bricks rather than wood which adds a great effect!
Lara at Lara's Miniature World. Lara has a lovely blogs and a real talent for flower making.
and just as I'd finished writing Acension from My Miniatures also joined!
So welcome all, and thank you for following... x


  1. Thank you dear for the warm welcome :). I haven't built my

  2. ...yet lol. Sorry Sans, but I was just pre-empting the future ;) I fully expect for you to have a full palace very soon :) And looking at all your beautiful annexes I think they make up a palce in themselves - I really can't believe you hadn't done miniatures before starting your are very talented.

  3. Thank you for the welcome. I was really pleased to read that I had inspired you into starting your room box. We all plod on thinking we're doing our own thing and if someone else pops onto the blog that's great but to be the source of inspiration...

    I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog as I like following the stage by stage progress of a project like this. You're doing a great job.


  4. I'm a little behind, as usual. ;)

    Thanks for the welcome and mention. :)