Friday, 16 April 2010

Possible kit bashing......

........but am I brave enough ?!? Sans has recently kit bashed her jnr cottage with the most amazing results. Her tribal house is beautiful, such a transformation from the boring Victorian cottage. So it got me thinking that maybe I should have a go at kit bashing and revamp the boring, children's, not quite to scale dollshouse that I have.

So firstly, the existing dolls house is front opening with cheap (obvious) plastic hinges at the top and bottom of the doors. Then the opening front panel itself has not to scale windows and door (I'd already ripped the door out because I hated it) also made from plastic. To put the correct scale windows and door in, I would have to replace the whole front panel. The problem being then that the middle window and the door would show the room divider which is also in the middle of both floors (not sure this was the most well planned dolls house - lol).
Soooo.... can I do a total revamp? I've just had a play with it a taken the front door panel off it's hinges, taken off the front decorations and unscrewed the middle partitions so they are now loose. I've also moved the dolls house to the back of the basement (that I bought thinking it would make the house better but is actually a bit bigger than the house so looks a bit strange) so that the backs of both are flush -

It doesn't actually look too bad, which made me think let's go the whole hog and forget a front opening dolls house and go for an open back dollshouse. I turned the whole lot round, and found some windows (again that I had bought to redo this house but they didn't for in the front panel) and blu-tacked them on just to see what it would look like, and this is it.....

As the basement is bigger than the house, I was half wondering if I could get away with a mini balcony or something similar with french doors in the middle opening out on to it, otherwise it's just going to look silly with a gap at the front and even sillier with a gap at the back.

But then I have the problem, what on earth could this house become? I'm still very keen to do a shabby chic style (I haven't forgotten my furniture revamp :) I currently waiting for a delivery of paint) but maybe I could have a shop at the bottom, but what kind of shop? or well I'm not really sure. I'm not even convinced that bashing it is going to work, are to windows too big? Does the balcony idea work? And will the whole lot fall apart if I cut holes for the windows and doors in the new front (old back)?? lol

Sorry for my long ramble, I will keep you posted with what I decide. In the meantime all suggestions (including 'it doesn't look right like that' and 'It's not really going to work') are completely welcome as are suggestions for the type of house/era/style it could become.


  1. It looks nice :) I think it's going to work well, the balcony is fine, but I would probably have another in the second floor so there would be this smaller balcony and door instead of the window.

    And I think that the house can be almost anything as it's so bare and it for sure would be fab shabby house. I would probably go for a French townhouse or do a old, NY city house. What comes to the shop, an antique store would go so well with the shabby style and it would be a good place to store some mini stuff before you have place for them :)

    I really like the house :) Have you seen Lea Frisoni's houses? They are so nice and there would be tons of ideas to this house.

    Wouldn't I love to do some bashing - I'm receiving my Greenleaf Lily and Orchid next week, but don't know if I want to bash brand new houses :D Although the thing is, I like the exterior on both of them but not the interior, especially the layout. I have to see if I can come up with something.


  2. Emma,this kit, I think, is way more interesting than my cottage :). The preliminary look that you have done, with the windows and balcony , has already improved it by loads. Shops are always fun to do, that's why my first few projects were shops, after a temple :) which I built from a kit. Is there going to be a general theme for all your dollhouses? I read a lot of books for ideas. Changed my mind loads of time too lol.

    At the end of the day though, you will have to ask yourself the reverse question, if I don't bash it, what can it be? If the answer is "just some junk that I won't love" then how can bashing it makes it worse ? :):) My 2 cents worth.

  3. Oh, yeah, that's heaps better. I like the fact that the "basement" is a little bigger than the house itself - it adds a nice detail and breaks up the lines of the building.

    I think the windows, although big, will work just fine. There are a lot of unique, odd houses out there in the real world, and I think your kit bashed house would fit in perfectly. I also think a faded, shabby aesthetic would go well with the new house.

    Heck, it's almost there, now!

  4. Thank you everyone!!

    Ira - perfect, thank you - what a great idea! A antique shop would be ideal and as you said I could store all my furniture there. I also love the idea of a 2nd balcony higher up. I have never come across Lea Frisoni's house (you can tell I'm a complete novice!) but I will google her now and have a look.
    I know what you mean about new houses. I have seen a couple that I like the look of but something is always not quite right with them and you really think you can't 'bash' something that is new but I think Sans below sums it up perfectly... so go for it :)

  5. Sans - Thank you!! Your reverse question is just the push I need - you are completely right! I will go for it!
    I haven't really thought of a theme for all my houses, I wasn't even sure that I would be venturing past my roombox, but I have definately caught the bug! I guess I've always had an interest in history so maybe I should think a bit more about it and set all my projects not only in eras that I find interesting but also a specific times that special events have happened - you have certainly given me pause for thought :)
    Thank you!

  6. Nina - Again, thank you!! Your comments are so positive and encouraging! Yes, I'm going to to go for it! I appreciate you letting me know about the windows, and you're right that there are so many different buildings around, it doesn't have to be a perfect fit or perfect in itself - it wouldn't be very realistic if it was perfect.

  7. go for it girl! Whatever you do to it, you're making it your own. It won't fall apart if you cut holes in it for winddows and a door.
    Your bash is an easy one! I'm doing the new Greenleaf garage backwards & that means building an entire roof from scratch.