Thursday, 15 April 2010

Not quite going according to plan...

OK, so I finished cutting out my egg carton bricks and sticking them onto a piece of balsa wood in a herringbone pattern - all good (or so I thought!).

Starting to paint them has highlighted a crucial error - I didn't leave any space between the bricks (and there was me thinking that I was being clever getting them so tightly together) so there isn't any space to see any mortar. In fact when I went to paint it, the bricks all gelled into one and you could hardly make out the pattern - aarghh!

I was a bit reluctant to start again so I've had a go at trying to 'fix' it. I traced the outline of the brick using a pencil which isn't ideal as the mortar now looks a bit shiny lol! Silly isn't it, I'm just typing this and suddenly thought why didn't I use a white or grey pencil (doh!)...
It looks a bit better with the bricks outlined. The next step was to add some black pastel dust....

And I was much happier with this.....until I put it into place......

Errr, it doesn't quite fit in with the existing brickwork lol! Oh well, I'm just deciding whether I can get away it or not. I suppose once I add a cauldron in and add some wood and ashes for a fire, it might not be as noticeable!
I do like this style of brickwork though, much better than my sandpaper bricks.


  1. Oh, that's so familiar :D You do something, think that it's going SO well and then it hits you - been there, done that :D

    The bricks look nice :) Hope that you don't mind me saying this, but I would dirty the mortar on the bricks on inside the fire, it's now a bit too white especially compared to the new brickwork.

    Have a fab day and welcome to the mini world :)


  2. Hi Ira,
    Thank you! That's a great idea about the mortar on the inside of the fireplace, I'll get to work on that.
    Yes, I can't believe how well it was going till I realised that there were no gaps lol - oh well I will know for next time.
    Thanks also for the welcome and for following my blog.
    Emma x

  3. Emma I'm loving your Herringbone brick work..x

  4. I think it looks good ! You have to start somewhere, how well I know!

  5. Bless you for posting this! You have no idea how helpful it is for other miniaturists to see artists deal with unexpected miscalculations :)

    I actually think you've made it work, Emma -- you can easily meld the two kinds/colours of brickwork together. The blackened herringbone works really well for where the fire has been. If you dirty up the firebox as Ira suggests, especially where a fire would have scorched the brick, and then maybe draw in just a few grout lines with a fine white gel pen on the herringbone (away from where the fire will sit) you'll be golden!

  6. Emma (now I know your name :) ), I think you recovered very well from the "mistake". It's very well done. If I were you, I would not be so quick to decide that the herringbone does not fit. Do you mean to say the size is wrong or the look is wrong? Does not seem like either to me . Try it out with the other things. You may very well be right that once everything is in place, you will feel that there could not have been a better floor.

  7. Hello, Emma!

    There's an award for your blog waiting at my blog :)

  8. Hi All,
    Debbie - thank you so much. I'm really pleased with the result despite the lack of mortar :)
    Uneek - Thank you, I am definately starting at the beginning lol, but I am learning so much and enjoying it at the same time.
    Sans - I think it was more when you put it next to the existing brickwork that it doesn't look quite right, but I'm going to do the work that Ira and The Dangerous Mezzo suggested and then I think it will work. I may even add a black metal fire plate (sorry haven't got a clue what they are called, but I'm sure you know what I mean)at the back of the fireplace but I'm not sure it will be in keeping with the tudor period. Thank you though I think you are right and I will be happy with it once I've finished.
    Dangerous Mezzo - THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate both the award and the suggestions. I'm glad also that people will get something from me making mistakes. It's a great introduction for me into miniatures - in at the deep end with lots of mistakes lol!