Monday, 19 April 2010

Masking tape - a girls best friend!

My first attempt at plastering the walls wasn't very successful (as you will see from previous posts). It took forever and I ended up getting the plaster filler everywhere. I must admit I had been putting off doing the rest of the walls as I was dreading how long it was going to take and how painstaking it was. Then I had a 'ah ha' moment - masking tape! Why I didn't think of this before I really don't know.

I've had a (tiny) bit of spare time so I grabbed a roll and got masking. I then made up so filler and slapped it on. As I didn't get a chance to all the walls I only peeled of the tape on walls that I had finished. I'm pleased with the result. It's much quicker and neater (in so far as I didn't get as much on the beams), although where I've left the tape on and plastered one side it has started to crack slightly, so when I get a bit more time I really need to finish all the walls in one hit.

Sorry for the short post. I thought I might get a bit more done when the kids were back at school, totally forgetting the fact that if the kids were back at school then I was back at work! Doh!


  1. Brilliant idea, and the effect is stunning. Wow!

  2. I have to confess I don't use masking tape...and well I should! lol I have some serious dodgy paint lines on my witch's potting table that need to be addressed!

    This is looking fab especially as you starting and making everything from scratch!:o))

    Michelle :o)

  3. A great idea and a lot quicker than working between the beams, I'm sure. It's all coming along really well.

  4. I don't use masking tape too :):). Ok when you want a dirty look but I agree with you, masking tape is your best friend, that and blu-tack :).

  5. Thank you all. It was so much quicker - cutting the tape the right size took a bit though lol. I agree with you about the blu-tak as well Sans, very useful already.