Friday, 9 April 2010


I am! I mixed up the wall filler today and not only did I find out that I'd made it too runny (after I started) but I also think that I should have done the walls before I'd glued the wooden beams on! Oh and learn. The end result is, that it is taking me absolutely ages to get the filler on to the walls and right up to the edge of the beams without covering them.

The colour is whiter than I'd imagined as well, so once I've done it all I think I am going to have to learn how to do colour washes to try and tone the white down a bit.

Another thing I have discovered is that the fireplace chimney is not going to look right with just filler on it -

I'm going to go back to the egg boxes I think and follow New England Miniatures Tutorial. This means that I need to sand all the filler off and start again - arrrggghh. Oh well, I did say this was going to be a steep learning curve.
Back to it now... although I think it may be a fair few days until I get the walls finished!


  1. Your room box is looking stunning. I think the white plaster above the fireplace will look great when you tone it down with some colour washes, as you're going to do with the walls.

    And, actually, I think if you cover a bit of the sides of the wall framing, it'll look great. The plaster would have been put on after the framing went up, after all, and could even fill the wall right up to the front part of the framing!

  2. Thank you :) Phew... and there was me thinking that I'd messed it up by getting filler everywhere. Yes, you are totally right about colour washes, it is just too white at the moment. I think I might have to experiment first before working on the actual walls as colour washes will be another first for me.

    I'll also look at getting the filler a bit thicker so as you say it comes up to the front of the framing, it will look much better - thank you for the tips!!

  3. If it helps at all, I've done a beam ceiling (not finished or in situ yet) but I placed the beams on the template, pencilled round them then put on the plaster. It was an easy enough job just to stick the beams in place once the plaster and paint effect had dried. I think too that your chimney breast will look fine once you've dirtied it down a bit! Irene

  4. Hi Irene, Yes I definately think your way of doing it must be easier. Unfortunately I've already glued all the beams in place (doh! I will know better next time!), so I'm kind of on a damage limitation mission now. Next time (yes I am enjoying it so much I think there will be a next time) I will follow your lead and mark out the beams first then plaster and then glue them in place.
    Thank you about the Chimney. I have added some eggbox stones (pictures soon) and I'm going to pollyfilla over these to soften it a bit before trying a colour wash.