Thursday, 17 May 2012

2 years is that a record?

Well it's been 2 years since I started and then abandoned this project (and all my other miniature ambitions) for various reasons.
A lot has changed since then and I now have more time on my hands and the miniatures began calling again. I've been thinking a lot about what I'd like to do with this project and how to progress it in a 'fun' way. I've finally decided that instead of a standard Tudor kitchen this is going to become a witches kitchen. I want something that is going to end up fun to look at (and to create).
The mission is still the same in that unfortunately at present I simply cant afford to purchase all the amazing miniatures that are out there so I will be continuing to make everything myself with the materials that I have. This includes a witch (I have never before created a doll so this could be quite interesting!). I'll post links to all the tutorials and hope that you can follow my progress.

The first port of call was do something about the table, every time I walked past and looked at it, I got more and more unhappy with it. Firstly it was too long and secondly it was too bright. I've been playing around with it today by cutting a piece off the end and trying to do something about the colour. Problem number 1 was that I only have a medium oak stain (the colour it was in the pictures in the post below) and as I am trying not to spend anything unless it is essential I decided to get my paints out. A fun half hour later and this is what I ended up with, I'm really pleased with the result...

It's darker than it was and i've added some plank effects to the top (which you cant really see in this photo). I also started playing with making a chopping board (out of the wood that I cut off) but I'm not sure, I may end up with a rebel witch who does her cutting straight on the table...we shall see.

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  1. This is looking really great Are you coming back to finish this lovely Tudor room! its going to look great love the table! Im a little bit unsure with my makings but this is really great!