Saturday, 6 March 2010

A very nervous hello...

This is a real adventure for me. I have always loved the idea of creating something in minature and as a child dearly wanted to have a dollshouse. Year after year I have toyed with the idea of buying a kit and furnishing a dollshouse but I knew that I would want to create pretty much everything that went in it (if not the dollshouse itself) and so I put it off knowing that I hadn't got the skills to fulfill my ambition.
Then a couple of years ago a newspaper was doing an offer on a dollshouse and we decided to purchase one for our daughter. However when it arrived it really wasn't going to be suitable until she was alot older so I decided maybe I could start my minature journey with this dollshouse. It really wasn't the house I would have picked for myself, not enough rooms and with really cheap outside windows and front door that weren't in proportion (I think it's because it is a childs house really)and small rooms.

I started by moving the staircases so they were above each other (rather than in different rooms) and by painting the interior a base of white.

Then I got a bit carried away and wanted to redo the roof with proper tiles, but on a brick exterior, have a basement for a kitchen, add skirting boards, ceiling roses, wall paper, wooden floors, lights, lighting, a new front panel etc. etc. and that was before I started furnishing it. Well I got as far as buying a basement (so much for making everything lol!) and then having looked into the cost of 'above' list, my dolls house conversion came to a very abrupt halt! I told myself that it really was 'just' a childs house and really didn't warrent that amount of money being spend on it especially as I didn't have a lot of money to spend and the fact that if I ever had a dolls house I really wanted it to be set in the time of the Tudors.

Fast forward another 2 years and whilst web surfing I came across a number of 'mini' blogs. These amazing blogs offered me inspiration and fabulous tutorials and I suddenly I realised that I didn't have to spend a fortune on those 'essential' items I listed, I could easily make a lot of things and rather than starting with my 'daunting' dollshouse I could start with a room box and then I could build my longed for Tudor kitchen!

And here's where I am...5 pieces of mdf! OK it is dawning on me that I may be completely mad but I'm hoping this blog will keep me motivated and I know that all those other great blogs will keep me inspired.

So here's to a exciting venture into the world of minature and please bear with me whilst I learn 'the ropes'.


  1. Hello :) Welcome to blogland ! Thank you for your interest in mine. I am going to read yours from start to finish ! Love to watch your progress. You know, if you started 2 years ago, then we started at about the same time! :):)

  2. Thank you so much Sans. Your blog is very inspirational and I am honoured that you are following mine.
    I wish I had started 2 years ago :) I'm really enjoying it, don't know why I didn't start sooner!

  3. I just read all of your posts from top to bottom. You have done some really wonderful things in such a short time! I can't wait to follow along!